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ct.qmat Research Data Infrastructure

Overview of the the research data management services of the ct.qmat cluster of excellence, enabling collaborative research. The infrastructure is built on a modern backbone, combining Kubernetes and Ceph for dynamic and robust operation.

Overview of ct.qmat collaborative research data infrastructure

Central user login

The NOMAD Oasis, eLabFTW, JupyterHub and GitLab use the same login, which can be managed here. Through the DFN-AAI, members of TU Dresden, JMU W├╝rzburg and IFW Dresden can sign in with their institutional accounts.


ct.qmat hosts a NOMAD Oasis located here. It combines an electronic lab notebook, analysis tools powered by a JupyterHub and a data repository with rich, searchable metadata.


  • Widely used, feature-rich electronic lab notebook (ELN)
  • Free and open source
  • Interoperable with many other ELNs in "The ELN Consortium"

Jupyter Hub

  • Interactively execute Python, Julia, R, etc.
  • Code, narration and results in one document


We have a GitLab here. It can be used for

  • Collaborative source code management
  • Workflow organization
  • Running automatic tests
  • Store large files with git LFS (=Large File Storage)


Collaborative online LaTeX editor at