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Guide: How to move your software to a distributed development platform

Where do you stand?

The migration to a distributed version control system depends upon the stage of development of your software project. First, you should consider signing up on the public source code repositories GitHub, or GitLab. Consider also our institutional repository available here.

I'm starting with my software, any suggestions?

If you haven't written any software as far, your best bet is to start with a predefined template that does a lot of the heavy lifting surrounding the infrastructure for you.

If you're developing on GitHub or GitLab, maybe there is something in the default templates for you. A good default library for templates is the cookietemple. If you're developing in python cookiecutter might be an option for you. If you're using a compiled language on GitLab, you can use our own template. Do not forget to add a README!, a suggestion for questions you might want to answer are over here.

My software is already written, what do I do...?

Have no fear, not all is lost, there's just some work involved in making the software available for others. If you have created an account you might want to consider using one of the tools above to create the initial scaffolding for you and then add your source code files, or you really start with an empty project.